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Enrollment Is now Open:  
The last thing you need is another coach or self proclaimed guru
you will not study at the feet of the masters you will study with the masters. besides feet are smelly brains are sexy #riseOfTheSapioSexualEnterprenur

Black CEO business school is the place where black entrepreneurs come to learn how to develop their business from the "great idea" stage into a "great business" stage. We cover, branding, marketing, sales, automation, technology, 

You will learn from the black ceo grand masters who have perfected the use of every principle that they teach you inside of the black ceo business school. 

“two drowning people can’t save each other. “ Our grand masters have broken though, overcome and shattered many of the challenges that you will face as a black entrepreneur in short they have been where you’ve been. They understand. 

black entrepreneurs are not born with a sliver spoon and black ceo business school have created a unique culturally relevant curriculum 
designed to help you navigate the unique challenges we face as entrepreneur 

Meet The Founder 
Trevor Otts
The BlackCEO Business school is the only place where you can learn our patent pending, life changing and business alterning methodology such as.. the Evergreen Revenue Model
  • ​The Evergreen Revenue Model
  • Tribe-O-nomics
  • Neuropathic Success System
  •  The PPSA CEO Decision Making Matrix
  •  Virtual CEO Model
Our Training Approach Is Simple
Part of the entrepreneur Process is discovering what makes your brand special or unigue to the marketplace. we know that a voice can have an echo but and echo can never have a voice. our goal is to make sure your brand is one of impact
The opposite of a system is a mess. If you dont have as speficic step by step process for getting results you expect then what you have is a mess Black CEo BUsiness school is here to help you clean up the mess. Why? Because you can't monatize mess. 
You didn't get into business to just be mediocre. If you failed its not because you weren't qualified its because you
Who is BlackCEO Business School Right For?
BlackCEO Business School is for entrepreneurs who are looking to lean the processes & techniques to run a successful business. 

This is for you if are:

  • Ready to transition from being a solo CEO into a thriving company
  • Tired of being coaches and want real results
  • ​Looking to create a sustainable business model
  • ​Exhausted from trying to build a business alone
  • ​Feeling overworked & underpaid
  • ​Overwhelmed by all that you don't know about running a business that works
Weekly Training & Support: 
Master Sessions
Meet specialty masters monthly for training & development & Get your business questions answered during weekly office hours
Group Accountability
Get paired with others  in our community who have gone through to help you get through.
Technology Resources
Keep your followers connected and in the know of your product  launches & events with Full and exclusive access to our Premium text messaging system.
Learn From Our Black CEO 
Grand Master Trainers
What To Expect
You can expect to be challenged. 

BlackCEO is designed to challenge what you normally think, challenge what you normally say, and challenge what you normally do in order to create something which you have never had before. 

Expect for your norm to be disrupted and replaced with a #NewReality
Meet Our Grand Master Trainers
Learn From The Best In All Of These Amazing Fields 
BlackCEO Business School’s Grand Masters are individuals who have perfected the use of every principle that they teach you inside of the BlackCEO Business School. 
Trevor Otts
Billion Dollar Brand Man
Loves branding and marketing more then he loves cheetos.. and that's saying alot! Ready to take your brand to the next level? I'm your guy. 
Kim Warren Martin
Founder Of Successful & Fulfilled 
I believe you should do the things in life that make you want to dance. I've learned that business is just a dance floor waiting for you to "bust a move!"
Velton Showell
Contracts & Negotiation Expert
Also known as King of The North or more accurately, King of Contracts. Over 20 years of negotiations contracts for mega brands such as Hilton Marriott & many many more!
Kimberly Flowers
Broadcast & Video Marketing Expert
Once won a push up contest in college. While she may not be able to do 175 push ups today, she can definitely help push your revenue to the next level with video. 
Che Brown
Sales Cardiologist
Never forget that the results that show up in your life are just as important as the results that show up in your bank account. So on this revenue journey be sure to eat a little salad and run a few miles. 
ER Spaulding
Operations & Product Development Expert
Dog lover, vegetarian and one of the coolest ScyFy chicks you will ever meet. Ready to streamline your business operations or develop your next million dollar product, then let's connect. 
How Black CEO Business School Is Different
Our Core Beliefs
BlackCEO Business School is different because our foundation is built upon the principle the opposite of wealth is not poor. 

The opposite is wealth is underdeveloped resources. Poor is just a reflection of what we did with those resources. 

BlackCEO is dedicated to the development of our resources and in so doing we are here to support you, grow you, and celebrate you! Buying black is good, developing black is better. 

We embrace NEW Ideas, BIG Ideas, BOLD Ideas - We are here to discover and develop
Which Plan Is Right For Me?
Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned pro BlackCEO Business School can help you take your business to the next level! 
Includes Everything You Need To Jump Start Your Business:
  • Monthly Training Session with Our Grand master Trainers
  • Weekly Office Hours/ Health Sessions (Live)
  • Allumni / Accountability Group
  • ​Access To Membership Portal 
  • ​Bonus: Black CEO Box (Quarterly) 
  • Bonus: Bumblebee Software System 
  • Bonus: General admission to BlackCEO 2020
Includes Everything In Basic Plus Access To All Live In Person Camps:
  • Marketing Camp
  • Speaker Camp
  • Product Development Camp
  • ​Sales Camp
  • ​Author Camp
  • LIve Stream Camp
  • ​Podcast Camp
  • Bonus: BlackCEO Book Club
  • ​Bonus: VIP Admission TO BlackCEO 2020
  • ​Bonus: Access TO Black Women Start UP 
Elite (Limit 75 People) 
Includes Everything In Basic & Pro Plus
Membership Into BlackCEO Graphics Club
  • Unlimited Graphic Request
  • ​Unlimited Revisions
  • ​Social Graphics
  • ​Live Event Graphics
  • ​Banners/ Business Cards
  • ​Book Covers & T-shirts
  • ​Squeeze Pages & Checkout Pages
  • ​Broadcast / Facebook Live Graphics
  • ​and much much more.. 
A Look At Pro Membership Benefits: 
In additional to all basic benefits, you also free access to our live conferences & workshops
Experience “Iconic” live in Atlanta, GA (Bonus Day)
Black CEO Conference (VIP Admission)
Speaker Camp
 2-Day training designed to bring out your unique voice as your brand’s spokesperson
Author Camp
2-Day training designed to develop your brand message and uncover deployment strategies in the marketplace
Product Development Camp
2-Day training designed to create your businesses product ecosystem
Sales Camp
2-Day training designed to 
cultivate sales mastery
Broadcast Camp
2-Day training designed to understand the latest in livestreaming technology and position your brand for the future
Podcast Camp
: 2-Day training designed to prepare you to use podcasting as another mechanism to connect with your movement
Frequently Asked Questions
What level is right for me?
Both BlackCEO Basic and BlackCEO Pro are right for you. The question is which level are you ready to excel and accelerate in?
How long is the program?
We know that some results happen overnight and some over time. Well founding a black enterprise is not something where the results are simply going to show up overnight. We recommend at least a six-month commitment to your business development and entrepreneurial evolution. 
What are office hours for?
Office hours are opportunities to meet with the BlackCEO professors and fellow students. These forums are designed to openly engage in real-time business-oriented activities such as problem solving, strategy building, and implementation. 
How can I get started?
You can get started by enrolling today. Upon successful enrollment, you will be sent an email to create your educational portal and your journey begins. 
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